Concert Visual Design

The five different live moments for the French songwriter Emilie Simon are inspired on the cycle of nature, an important theme for the experimental artist. 1-“Frozen world”. The beginning of everything. 2-“Song of the sea”. The dissolving and the water apparition. 3-“Il pleut” (It’s raining). Rain, essential element for growth in nature. 4-“Fleur de saison” […]

Le Corbusier Museum

A museum proposal in homage to Le Corbusier inside of one of his own projects: the artisans/workers’ house. The main idea was the use of the diagonal line, the key element of the original project, used by Le Corbusier to locate the staircase and mark the limit of the second floor. The diagonal line is […]

Loft Design

Inspired by Chillida’s work, especially in the works like “The poet house,” where the empty and filled spaces fit (or not) together. A metaphor for dialogue, the understanding and the disagreement, a good resumé of family life. So I tried to make the same game with the volumes in the house interior. Regarding the interior […]

Bau Chirstmas Market Proposal

Christmas’ market proposal for Bau Design University in Barcelona, based on the school symbol: the ring. A representative material of Bau is also used: the cork and Christmas colors: green and red.

Living Room Interior Design

A kitchen and a living room for a European couple, who share a passion for Japonese culture. The idea was to mix the European and Asiatic designs from the beginning of the 20th century using the black and white typical of the Japanese interiors.

Frankenstein set- design

To make a Frankenstein scene in the Montjuïc Castle area. I decided to set the stage close to the canons, a crazy human invention with bad consequences, just like Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. I designed a simple metallic structure to give more importance to the actors’ interpretation, and the circular form is a reference to the […]