• Torti Ya!

    Collaboration with Esrawe studio. Charged with finding inspiring images and defining the concept, of a Mexican fast food in Miami: Torti Ya! The directive to follow was that the place would have the structure and the aspect of a revisited barn. The Torti Ya! experience is a bi-cultural space, a meeting point between Mexico and the […]

  • Estrella Market Christmas decoration

    Christmas decorations design for the Estrella Market ( neighborhood of Gràcia, Barcelona). The inspiration came from the market structure, which is similar to a barn, the decoration is rustic and Christmas colours are used: red, green and Scottish tartan; and recycled paperboard, painted with green spray adorned with fabric scraps, to allow the creation of economic decorations.


    Interior design of “tapas” bar D picos Pardos on Blesa Street, the continuation of the famous Blai Street in Barcelona. The place was a perfumery warehouse, so a complete rehabilitation was necessary in order to make the new use of the place and meet the bar’s European standards. My task was just decorate the space, not reform it. So, I […]

  • Scòpic

    During my internship in Jordi Tamayo studio, we designed a miniature indoor theme park, centered on a train that rolls through Barcelona’s landscape. The space is equally engaging for children as for adults. Previously, the site was a supermarket, so the large open space and grid fluorescent illumination were a given. The idea was to create […]

  • Maians

    During my internship at Pichiglas studio, I have been assistant designer for three different collections for the brand’s shoe Maians. My task was to propose different color and texture combinations for every model shoe to head designer Alfonso de la Fuente.     Fall winter 2013-2014:   Spring Summer 2013:

  • Migas Bar

    During my internship at Pichiglas studio, I have participated in the interior design of Migas bar (Beijing, China). We have defined the project’s concept, based on my research on Brazilian favelas and industrial style aesthetic.  

  • Cinema 2000

    During my internship at pichiglas studio, I have participated at the illumination part of  Cinema 2000 project.

  • Factory Remodeled

    Design of a bar/restaurant which organizes live music and art exhibitions, located in the industrial neighbourhood of Barcelona: Poble Nou. This area is known for having plenty of offices and nightclubs, but it lacks some places to eat dinner or have a drink before going to one of the many clubs. I chose this place […]

  • 20’s Inspired Hotel

    A hotel for 20’s lovers. The forms in the space are inspired by Art déco style and forms. I used quality materials, pleasant lights in reference of the Parisian brasseries of the Roaring Twenties, and painting reproductions from the same period, so it feels like staying at a museum.

  • A restaurant inside a Cloister

    Restaurant’s design in the cloister of Sant Pau in Barcelona. The main idea was to take advantage of the patio and its garden, making sure that every guest can eat with this view. The inspirations for the decoration are from the medieval period, the 18th century and modern design with baroque connotations. I wanted to […]