Torti Ya!

In collaboration with Esrawe Studio (Barcelona, Spain).

Collaboration with Esrawe studio. Charged with finding inspiring images and defining the concept, of a Mexican fast food in Miami: Torti Ya! The directive to follow was that the place would have the structure and the aspect of a revisited barn.

The Torti Ya! experience is a bi-cultural space, a meeting point between Mexico and the USA, a place to eat a good, authentic Mexican food presented in a practical, efficient and seductive way.
The space is defined by the merging of the typical enchilada plate and the functional-contemporary design of the American Farm. It could be said that it’s an homage to the farm (a reference to the American architectural icon and to the chicken, a key ingredient of the most important dish of the restaurant). We took a nostalgic approach that recalls the original farm silhouette and structure; that’s why we used wood in pratically the whole restaurant.
When you enter, every worry is left behind you and you can focus on the simple pleasures of life, such as sharing a delicious meal in a warm, luminous and a dynamic place.